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High End Hockey
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About HEH Clinics

There are thousands of clinics across the world.  Here is why you should choose HEH!  


  • Increase Speed and Acceleration
  • Learn when to accelerate and decelerate
  • Speed with reaction
  • Getting to Top Speed with Fewer Steps 
  • Skating Full Speed with Puck, Making Moves at Full Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Agility, Foot Speed and Lateral Drills
  • Proper Body Postion
  • Edge Control
  • Balance


  • Hand Position
  • Hand Movement
  • Contolling the Puck
  • Deking and Faking
  • Making Moves at Full Speed


  • How to Give a Pass
  • How to Receive a Pass
  • Accuracy
  • Timing

Shooting and Scoring

  • All Shots
  • Good Angle, Bad Angle, Scoring Zones and Opportunities
  • Receive and Shoot
  • How to Find a Shooting Lane
  • Shoot for Rebounds
  • Body Position
  • Hand Placement
  • Deception
  • Deflections, Rebounds, Screens and Breakaways.