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High End Hockey
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High End Athletic Training


Established in 2015 High End Athletic Training (HEAT) was created to provide functional movement training specific to hockey players.  All of our workouts are designed to promote strength, balance and coordination within your game.  All of our players from the past three summer's have finished in the top 3 of their team fitness testing after training at HEAT.

HEAT's training targets the following aspects related to hockey: explosiveness, flexibility, speed, stamina and overall strength (core, leg and upper body).  Every player is first taught the proper technique to each lift we do for injury prevention. 




HEAT works with players ages 13 and older.  Here is what we offer:
April to August workouts - 4 days a week
Testing performed three times during the summer (April*, June, August)
Professional coaching with certified trainers every workout
In season workouts available
All players MUST track their daily activity and food intake 


*April testing will begin in the first two weeks of April prior to formal workouts beginning and will be conducted to see where the players strength and fatigue levels are following their season.

What sets HEAT apart from the others?
Every player in monitored during every session
Players are pushed beyond their limits in a controlled environment
Flexibility/Mobility must be properly understood before our players are allowed to lift heavy



StrongerU's nutritional approach is based on the idea of complete food freedom. They believe in boundaries, not restrictions, so no foods are off limits and guilt is off the menu; we call this “Structured Flexibility.”

Stronger U offers individualized plans based on your specific goals, as well your food preferences and dietary restrictions. Whether your goal is to be healthier, improve your body composition, or achieve peak performance, their plans are tailored to your needs. Stronger U knows that no two people are the same, so no two programs will ever be the same.

Too many players put extreme efforts into reaching their goals – and still don’t see the results they desire. Stronger U knew there was a better way to achieve success with far less frustration, so they developed a refreshing approach to nutrition. Stronger U is essentially a “reverse-engineered” approach to the dieting process; they researched the most common reasons people didn’t hit their goals (such as missing their favorite foods, or lacking accountability) and then based the program on methods that have been shown to drive both short- and long-term success for all kinds of people with all sorts of goals.

Along with a personal coach, who’s with members every step of the way, the Stronger U community stretches around the globe and is composed of members of all ages and fitness levels. From people who don’t work out at all and folks just starting on their fitness journey all the way to professional athletes – and everyone you can imagine in between – our members span the spectrum. Yet they share a common goal (which we’re extremely passionate about, too): To improve their quality of life, now and for the future.