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High End Hockey
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HEH Partners with Peak Mental Performance Coaching

Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 2:27PM

What does Peak Mental Performance Coaching do?

  • We use psychological principals and interventions from the world of sport psychology and apply them to sport or school performance. Peak Mental Performance Coaching LLC hits three areas of performance: One on One Sport Performance Coaching, Consultations for Coaches, Teams, Parents, Trainers, and Educational Mental Skills Coaching.
  • Skills for each of these areas include anxiety management, emotion management, confidence and motivation building, social and teamwork dynamics, dealing with burnout, managing the demands of the recruitment process, mental skills training for overcoming injuries, relaxation and guided imagery, routine development, positive self talk, and goal setting just to name a few areas.
  • We work with athletes and students of all ages, sports, and skill levels.
  • Any of these skills can be applied to the world of sports and educational performance, as we do not work to ‘’fix’’ problems, but build and strengthen existing mental skills to improve performance.
  • Our goal is to help an athlete build confidence on and off the field or in or out of the classroom so that the skills that can learned can be applied to all areas of life. Confidence In Performance, Confidence For Life.

How To Set Up Services?

  • Referrals or questions can be handled two ways – calling 978-482-7991 or go to the website at and complete the online Match Questionnaire.
  • Either way we will contact back to see if we can provide what you are looking for and discuss the next steps, discuss process, and schedule the first appointment.