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High End Hockey
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Private Lessons

Private lessons

HEH offers private lessons to all players throughout the course of the season.  We work with players both on ice and on synthetic ice.  On ice lessons allow us to work with players skating, shooting, passing, timing, goalscoring, stickhandling and more.  Synthetic ice lessons allow us to work on passing, shooting and stickhandling.  To book private lessons or inquire about private lessons please email

Skating Treadmill

We now offer lessons on the skating treadmill located inside the Breakaway Ice Center (Tewksbury, MA).  For more information or to book your lesson please email us at

The skating treadmill is used to correct and improve skating strides and is the ultimate training tool for players looking to improve their technique and conditioning.


  • Improved skating mechanics through immediate feedback from instructor
  • Achieve anaerobic burn state quicker than on regular ice (great for conditioning in the off-season)
  • Builds the muscles required for improved skating stride Improved stride recovery and efficiency
  • Naturally teaches players better balance when skating Improved quick starts
  • Affordable private and semi-private skating instruction with improvements shown in very short period of time
  • Players can stick handle on the skating surface, give & receive passes and shoot on a net while skating